Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max Drop Test!

it’s that time of year again we have the

galaxy s 20 ultra in the studio where

we’re going to be dropping it

side-by-side with the iPhone 11 Pro max

a phone that when it was first released

Apple said was using the strongest glass

in any smartphone of course there’s no

way to know exactly what type of glass

they were actually talking about since

they don’t tell us but unlike Apple

Samsung does tell us exactly what kind

of glass we have which in the case of

the s20 ultra is Gorilla Glass 6 on both

the front and on the back which is

probably a good idea to have on a $1400

smartphone so if you plan on using one

of these phones without a case on in

this video we’re gonna find out which

one of these two does better when

dropped in the same exact way round

number one backdrop in three two one

so that backdrop shatters the glass on

the iPhone 11 pro max but on the s20

ultra the glass is surprisingly still

intact which you know could be due to

Gorilla Glass 6 but we’ve seen Gorilla

Glass 6 crack before so I think the

major factor here was that big old

protruding camera lens due to the flat

drop on his back from the machine the

camera hump actually took the majority

of the damage here and enough of the

impact to wear the glass in the back

didn’t crack now of course different

angles of drops can obviously produce

different results but in this controlled

drop between the two phones the s20

ultra gets the easy win in round number

one round number two corner drop to one

neither phone takes too much damage from

the corner shop with the screens still

remaining undamaged despite those ultra

thin bezels the real difference here is

the iPhone isn’t nearly as scuffed as

the galaxy is thanks to its stainless

steel frame which gives the iPhone the

win here in round number 2 round number

3 base drop to the base drop does major

damage to the iPhone 11 pro with its

screen cracking on the left edge and

spider webbing all the way across the

front whereas on the galaxy s 20 ultra

the damage isn’t anywhere near as bad

while it did crack the damage remained

mostly confined to that left edge I

don’t know if this is due to Samsung

using stronger glass than the iPhone or

if the slight curvature on the screen

somehow helps protect it but either way

it’s significantly better result for the

s20 ultra giving it the win in round

number three bonus round with both

phones passing our 15 point inspection

they move on to the bonus round where

last time the iPhone 11 pro max was able

to make it through all ten bonus drops

it definitely wasn’t pretty and the

iPhone did lose a major function with

its rear camera system failing but the

rest of the phone from its display and

speakers to the face ID still remained

fully functional so let’s see if the s20

ultra can it do any better

bonus drop number one in three two one

okay so that first bonus drop leads to

some major damage the glass looks

significantly worse with it now

shattering all over including across the

fingerprint sensor which while it didn’t

cause complete failure the fingerprint

sensor now only seems to work around 20%

of the time everything else on the phone

however still seems fine so we’ll keep

on going

drop number two and then three two one

two drops in and that top portion of the

screen no longer works and the phone is

also locking up intermittently with the

entire touchscreen becoming temporarily

unresponsive almost randomly for twenty

to thirty seconds at a time

now we couldn’t stop the test right here

but because the phone technically

recovers and could make an emergency

call we’ll go ahead and continue to and

after nine brutal bonus drops the s2000

trial finally calls it quits there’s now

major damage to the OLED display across

the bottom and the phone is just

randomly touching at different parts of

the screen making it unusable so not the

best result here and definitely worse

than the iPhone okay so with all four

rounds in the books let’s take a look at

the score card in the first round the

s2000 ultras rear glass was able to

remain fully intact while the iPhones

glass was completely shattered in the

second the iPhones stainless steel frame

was less scuffed in the s20 s aluminum

in the third round the s20 ultras front

glass sustained is significantly less

damaged and then finally in the bonus

round the iPhone was able to make it all

the way through

while the s20 ultra lost functionality

in both his fingerprint scanner and its

touch screen very early on but in the

end the attorneys performance in the

earlier rounds helped a score more


overall making it the winner in this

drop test anyways that is it for me in

this video thank you guys for watching

and as always I’ll see you in the very

next episode

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