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How To Browse Free On Glo: Glo Data Cheat

How to get Glo cheat code to browse free on Glo network without any cap?

In this article I will expose the secret to browse free on Glo without limit. I believe you are sure looking for this.

This Glo Unlimited browsing is power by freedom vpn The cheat has been on sale for months now but we have decided to post the cheat for free we have finally found a better way to make the VPN work very fast Without wasting your time let go down to the point


  • -You need YourFreedom android app
  • -Config file for the cheat – Download here (Config doesn’t expire).
  • -Glo 4G or 3G sim
  • -The cheat is unlimited
  • -You need to purchase Premium account for YourFreedom VPN

How To Force Your Glo Data Connection On

We all know that the Glo data doesn’t come up without an active data subscription, well there are ways around it, you will need to subscribe to Glo night plan, this plan will make your glo data come up, so that you can enjoy this Glo Unlimited Free Browsing 2020
Now Visit and create your freedom account, verify your email, then login to your account note keep your login details safe, because you will need it to login to your freedom app or we can help you create accounts

Then subscribe to the mobileplus plan, this plan costs $2.20 per month, this is the perfect plan to enjoy this Glo Unlimited Free Internet,the internet speed is unlimited with unlimited bandwidth you can pay via PayPal, etc, these are the best options for you as a Nigerian

YourFreedom VPN Settings For Glo Unlimited Cheat
Create an account with them and subscribe to a plan called MobilePlus. Cost $2 and payment is via PayPal.

Next step is to import the Config file you downloaded above on YourFreedom vpn, by clicking on Configure > Backup/Restore > Load Config, then locate the config file and import it.

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