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This is the privacy policy page of, The best Technology website in the World. In this page, we will disclose to you how we use, manage, protect and collect information from our users. We will also let you know few things about how we run this website for the interest of students.  You are highly advised to read this content carefully before using any information in this website.

It is worthy to note that the privacy policy of our visitors is of paramount importance to us, as it strictly state how we use, manage or share the information we collect from our users. You are strongly advised to read this page carefully before making use of the contents on our site.


Copyright infringement notice: is fortified by the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC). In light of that, nobody is allowed to copy, parodies, reconstruct or use any article, video, image or product on this website without our informed consent. Not complying with this policy may result in the arraignment of the defaulted person in the court of law. In other words, we will bring an action against anyone who fails to comply with this policy.

Cookie policy:

FlashTechGuide uses cookies to track all the activities of readers when they visit our site. These activities will be sent back to us when our readers are gone, and we will use it to develop our site based on the activities of our readers on the site.

Information we collect from our users:

FlashTechGuide may collect information such as Name, Email, phone number etc. This is with the sole aim of educating and serving our readers better. However, it is important to have it in mind that all the information we collect from our users must be made on this blog. We are not responsible for any fraudulent activity done outside our website. Please be very careful when giving out your personal information to anyone in the name of our site, FlashTechGuide.

It is important to know the kind of information we are likely to collect from our readers so that you will not be duped by fraudsters claiming to be one of our staff. Below are the personal information we are likely to collect from our users:

Email/Gmail Address: We use the email we collect from our users to send them our latest education news and articles which might be useful to them.

Credit card details: Where you want to buy something from our website, you will be asked to provide your credit card details. These details are not sent to us at all. They are only used to pay for the goods you purchased from us. More so, it is important to note that we do not send SMS or Messages asking users for their credit card details. Please disregard such calls or messages when they come.

Full name: To be a registered member of this website, you need to provide your name in the box provided for that.

Phone number: Readers who wish to be members of this website must also provide their phone numbers to be able to register fully.

What we do with the information we collect from you:

Having known that we are most likely to collect our user’s personal information, it is wise to know what we do with your information. The information we collect from our user’s are stored in our database. They are used by us to serve them better. For instance, we use the email addresses we collect from our users to serve them better by sending them all our latest education news and updates. Note that we do not use your information for any malicious activity.

Links of other sites (Third part) found on our site:

Website owners and readers should note that we do not claim ownership of any content in another website whose link is found in our blog. We may use link from other sites on ours to refer our readers to more explicit and detailed information for their own good. Meanwhile, it should also be noted by all our readers, that we will not be responsible for any discomfort they may experience on those external sites.

Do We Advertise on FlashTechGuide?

Yes! allows adverts in other to serve reader better. We may use top advertising companies like, Adsense, Infolink and more to monetise our site and serve users better. More so, we may also allow advertisement form small and big firms to keep our site fascinating.

How our contents should be understood:

All contents in this website should not be judged, taken or understood by their titles. Before taken any information shared in this site, you must read the full information that content contains. This is notice is made here because, we may choose to use perplexing and captivating titles for our article. And this may not be understood by our readers.

Lastly, by using this website, you wholesomely agree to adhere to every information contained in this privacy policy.

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