How To Track Your Lost/Stolen Android Phone 2020

How To Track Your Lost/Stolen Android phone and Retrieve it, How to track your lost/stolen iPhone in 2020.How to track Android phone.

One way or another have you ever been on the situation where your precious phone just got stolen or rather misplaced while containing vital life information on it and you need to get it back?. Well if that be the case then you’re in the right place.

In this post, I’ll be showing us how we can track and get back our lost or stolen android phone or iPhone in 2020. So if you really want the guide to track your lost/stolen android phone and iPhone easily in 2020, I enjoin you to continue reading to the end while I give you the full gist on how this works.

Of recent, a friend of mine ran to me and I noticed he wasn’t looking cheerful just like he used to be and he told me of his stolen phone. I laughed out so loud that he started suspecting if I knew anything about his missing phone which I don’t but I laughed because I knew it’s so easy to track your lost/stolen phones (Android phones and IPhone) even on this Technology age.

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Without much stories, I only asked him some few questions about his missing phone which he provided immediately and to his greatest surprise, the location of his phone, SIM card provider and percentage of his phone was displaying right on my screen.

Now, the good part of this is you can track your lost/stolen android phone or iPhone using an android phone and PC provided you have a strong internet connection.

How to track lost or stolen Android phone

Requirements To Track and Retrieve your Lost/Stolen Android Phone and IPhone.

This section contains every thing needed to track down your lost/stolen android phone and iPhone in 2020.

Note; it’s imperative to take note that tracking and recovering an android phone or iPhone that was stolen long time ago is not guaranteed using this method, but you can easily track, locate and recover a very recently lost/stolen android phone following the guide in this article.

1. A Mobile Phone(android device)  or PC (a separate android phone, not the lost/stolen one)

2. A strong and Stable Internet Connection

3. Gmail Account (gmail account logged in the lost/stolen phone)

How to Track Lost or Stolen Android Phone.

Here’s the the steps on how to track your lost/stolen android phone and recover it in 2020. Although we’ve broken the steps down even for a phone novice to undergo this steps.

We’ve also analyse two different steps on how to track your lost/stolen android phone and recover it easily in 2020.

Step 1.

To track your lost or stolen Android Phone, provided you have the requirements listed above. This is the most simple step and easy to implement. Without much ado, let’s jump to the main field which is to track your lost/atolen Android Phone.

  • On the new Android Phone/ PC, Connect your internet and make sure browsing is running smoothly without network breach.
  • Then, you log in the Gmail account that was initially on the Lost/Stolen Android Phone.
  • After you must have been logged in, You Launch the device browser [preferably, I recommend you use Google Chrome Browsing for you don’t encounter any error]
  • On Opening your Chrome browser as said, go to
  • Or you simply search Find My Device, when it loads up, you select the first result and disregard other results.
  • All you need to do is to select the Gmail account that was on the lost/Stolen Android phone and all the details Ranging from the Type of SIM Card that is on the phone, Location of the phone, Current Battery Percentage of the Phone and many more you may want to explore about your lost/stolen android phone to enable you recover it.

Step 2:

To track any lost or stolen android device following this step 2, first of all you need to download an Application “Android Device Manager” from Google play store to another android device we mentioned in the requirements.

Basically, The Android device manager app is a handy application that helps track you android device which is associated with your Google account(Gmail Account).

The app uses google location(Google Map)  for tracking just like we’ve analysed in Step 1. why I didn’t guarantee for a long time stolen android devices is because the thief can easily wipe the phone or reset it to the factory reset settings.

Another fantastic feature of Android device manager app is it’s ability to factory reset your device lock screen and erase all your data from the android phone. You can download the app below from playstore.

Phone Location Review.

Immediately your Android location is set up, an on-screen will be displayed.
And in the case of your lost/stolen Android phone is off or does not have a cellular Wi-Fi connection, its location won’t appear, because the lost/stolen android phone must be switched on and must be accessible to the net as well.

If you want to stop recovering your Android data, you can lock it by doing the following:

  • Click on LOCK on the left side of the page.
  • Enter a password.
  • If you have to enter a message and recovery phone number.
  • When prompted, click on LOCK.

Yeah, This is the little guide on how to track your Lost/Stolen Android Phone and Recover it in 2020.

However, if you by any means encounter difficulties while following this guide, Feel free to get in touch with us using the comment section below and we’ll definitely help with assured solution.

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